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EASY TO USE - Atomik's premium quality climbing holds are extremely easy to install and use. Perfect for the rock climbing wall in your basement, backyard, or your child's room. All hardware is included. CHALLENGING AND FUN - Comes with 24 premium quality climbing holds designed for kids to be able to easily hold on to. As well as enough versatility to challenge them as they get better and grow. KIDS AND BEGINNER FRIENDLY - Made up of our unique set of Atomik Divot holds, which are specifically designed for little hands. This allows kids to have a strong grip, giving them the confidence they need to climb. PREMIUM QUALITY - Unbreakable polyurethane with a limited lifetime warranty. You will be able to enjoy these climbing holds for years to come. Includes 24 climbing holds for kids in a variety of colors. Choose from bright or earth tones. GUARANTEE - All of our products come with our 30-day return policy money back guarantee.

Atomik's Hand and Foot Bolt on Climbing Holds for Kids - 24 Pack:

The 24 kids' pack is designed to meet the needs of preschoolers and up - easy for kids to hold on to, yet versatile enough to challenge them as they grow. The collection of climbing wall holds for kids is made up of our unique set of Atomik Divot holds, which offer grips designed for little hands to fit and to give young climbers the confidence they need to ascend. This set helps build an encouraging climbing environment for kids while holding their attention as long as possible.

These rock climbing holds are especially great for kids just learning, or trying to work on their strength, balance, endurance, and climbing confidence.

They bolt on securely to enhance your safety and give you peace of mind while training. At the same time, providing children with many challenging shapes to improve their hand and footwork as they grow.

Recommended to be used with climbing-specific shoes for added safety.

Inside the Package

This set consists of 24 Atomik Divot climbing bolt-on climbing holds for kids along with all the necessary hardware.

The versatility and ease of use of this pack makes it one of the best choices for parents looking to teach their kids how to climb.


Not completely satisfied? All of our products have our 30-day return policy. Experience your new climbing holds risk-free. Order now to start building a fun and challenging climbing wall for your kids.


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