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Código producto: B00C0WQYN8
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- Color:Yellow - Media:Automotive - Número de artículos:4 - Peso de envío (libras):0.2 - Dimensiones (pulgadas):3.9 x 3.9 x 1 Características: The most useful compounding Cyclo pad that is still soft enough for finish polishingUse for compounding, removing scratches, deoxidizing and polishing paint and metalVersatile: Use under Cyclo Toolmakers pad covers for firm supportive cushioningUse on paint, metal, fiberglass, gelcoat, glass, acrylic surfaces and morePremium-grade genuine cyclo pads feature hook and loop backing for quick pad changes and provide longest life for many repeat uses - sealed in pairs. This firm versatile foam pad is used on everything from compounding and scratch removal to applying paint cleaners and polishes. Excellent for polishing difficult paint conditions, color sanding marks, and heavy oxidization, yet gentle enough for final finishes when used with a Cyclo machine. Only Genuine Cyclo pads have been designed to work precisely with Cyclo Toolmakers' polishers. The yellow fine 72-135 pad is third most aggressive of the six foam pads offered by Cyclo Toolmakers. Each foam pad is 4 inches in diameter and made from pre-polymer polyester technical foam with superior tenacity and abrasion- and tear-resistance. They are durable, long lasting and provide top performance. Recommended chemicals for painted surfaces are Cyclo Toolmakers 84-192 CTI heavy compounding gel, 84-176 CTI light compounding liquid, and 84-196 CTI Polish and Swirl Remover. Recommended chemicals for metal surfaces are Cyclo Toolmakers 84-392 CTI free flite cleaner-polish and 84-346 CTI free flite protective sealant. Cleans up best with 84-404 CTI pad care - pad cleaner. . B00C0WQYN8


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