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★ Magnetic screen door size - 90 * 210 cm (35.4'* 82.6 inches), please measure your door size before purchase. ★ Plug-in Free: This is a good protector to keep mosquitoes away from your house, but spreads fresh air through the fine mesh. ★ Automatic closing: Strong magnets are sewn to the edges of the shiny nylon fabric to keep the network together.When you pass through the curtain, it can close automatically without any gap. ★ High quality: Made of high-quality materials, fine mesh can be used for a long time and it is not easy to tear.The fabric sewn on both sides retains the mesh and magnet well. ★ Easy installation: Long sticky tape is stuck on the curtain.Without any tools, you can hang curtains on the door. Including stitches, which can help you to paste the grid onto wooden doors more effectively.

1. The magnetic screen door curtain can NOT be shortened!
2. Before ordering the magnetic curtain, please measure the size of your door.
- Easy Installation,there is long sticky magic tape coming with the curtain.You could attach the curtain to the door fame without any tools.
- Pins are includes, which could help you stick the mesh to the wooden door fame more effectively.
1. Tightly woven mosquito net which blocks out flies as well as possible
2. Made from high-quality polyester, more tear-resistant and durable.
3. Enhanced magnetic power,6 pairs of Magnetic Strips and 7 pairs of magnet pieces.Always seals completely.
4. Free up your hands while opening it
5. Wide range of applications,Eg,balcony door, bedroom, kitchen, children's room.
6. Powerful magnets sewn in, from top to bottom, automatically perfect gap free seal.Walk through hands free.Pets enter & exit freely, you don't need wait to open the door for pets dogs or hearing their scratching barking for door opening.
7. Enjoy fresh air without all the bugs flying in the house, You don't have to worry about flies and mosquitoes coming in, make your baby sleep more stable.


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