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- Color:1.Blue - Media:Misc. - Peso de envío (libras):0.9 - Dimensiones (pulgadas):8.8 x 6.5 x 3 Características: HAND GRIP STRENGTHER WORKOUT KIT: Exercise equipment included adjustable hand gripper (22-88Lbs), 3 finger stretchers (6.6Lbs, 8.8Lbs, 11Lbs on each finger)finger exerciser (4Lbs on each finger), hand strengthener grip ring (50Lbs), hand therapy stress ball.FEATURES VARIOUS RESISTANCE LEVELS: Grip ranging from 22 to 88 lbs. Band tension from 6.6 to 11 lbs. Hand exerciser grip strengthener and finger band perfect for men, women,teenagers, kids and elderly that are looking for a comprehensive hand flexor and finger exerciser.IDEAL FOR ATHELETES & MUSICIANS: Improve hand & finger strength for athletes (rock climbing enthusiasts, fitness, tennis, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf and shooting) and musicians (guitar players, bass players, pianists and violinists). See results fast using your hand exercise equipment.REHABILITATION & STRESS RELIEF: Reduces joint pains, stiffness, release daily stress and helps recover from arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow or wrist, tendon surgery.HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS & LIFETIME WARRANTY: Made of high-quality, flexible silicone, to ensure optimal exercise results. Unconditionally refund or resend with any problems, lifetime friendly customer service. IMENSEAS Hand Grip Strengthener 7 Pack Adjustable Hand Gripper, Finger Stretcher Resistance Extensor Bands, Finger Exerciser, Grip Strength Ring & Stress Relief BallWhy choose IMENSEAS Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit? Most comprehensive and effective workout kit that satisfies all your needs. Gains strength in hands, wrists, fingers and forearms for better performance. Help you improve finger strength and dexterity, perfect for athletes, musicians. Good for rehabilitation. Speed up recovery from arthritis, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel or hand, shoulder, finger surgery. Portable and lightweight, All ages can easy to use it anywhere and anytime. What You Get: Adjustable Hand Gripper (22-88Lbs) Finger Stretchers (6.6Lbs, 8.8Lbs, 11Lbs on each finger) Finger Exerciser (4Lbs on each finger) Hand Strengthener grip ring (50Lbs) Hand Therapy Stress Ball High Quality Carry Bag Lifetime Warranty . B07PSMF89W


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