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Código producto: B01830I9DS
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- Género:QUALITY TOYS - Edición:Toy Vehicle Set - Peso de envío (libras):1.7 - Dimensiones (pulgadas):15.8 x 14.9 x 2.4 This toy-set is a fun and entertaining game with a lot of potential to make awesome heroic stories and adventures. Unlike majority of the games that come today for the kids, the toy cares for the intellectual growth of your little person; the game subtly boosts their motor skills, cognitive reasoning, and spatial awareness. The game brings forth a positive attitude within the kids when they sit down to indulge and play. While the animated colors keep their interest intact, the numerous spread of imagination and invention which is permitted by the toy stretches their intellectual limit to expand and enclose a broad area of healthy thinking, lively attitude and humorous nature that creates the positive aura at a relatively early age. Brilliant color usages, animated tones and eloquent construction of the game brings up the spirit in the children to make most of the colored pieces, since they appeal to their tiny minds. A dramatic effect to the toy is added to push up their impulsive nature, put a sparkle in those adorable eyes and stimulate their motor skills such that they make unsuggested effort, and learn. The vibrancy of the construction is appealing to the adults too, to some extent. Whereas the effort that the toy demands naturally engage the parent and the child in a quality time together, positively subjected and shrewdly productive as well. . B01830I9DS


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