Marca: Fabio Fabor
Código producto: B01N6T2Z51
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- Formato:Box set - Media:Vinyl - Número de artículos:5 - Género:Soundtracks - Discos:5 - Peso de envío (libras):0.5 - Dimensiones (pulgadas):12 x 12.6 x 1 Given his fascination with obscure and esoteric topics, an interest that lasted throughout his whole career as a composer of library music, Fabio Fabor must have been diabolic and mysterious for real. The Milan-born composer, who passed away in 2011, had always showcased a darker side compared to other fellow musicians of his ear. A side that is well portrayed in works like the famous masterpiece ""Pape Satan"", or ""Satanas"", which is included in the very accessible ""B 81"" or in this splendid and experimental ""Mr. Diabolicus - Mr. Mysterious"". This is still a library music release, but it is kind of diffuclt to imagine TV or radio shows accompanied by tracks like ""Neutroni"", ""Mr. Mysterious"", ""Fucina diabolica"" or ""Idillio Cosmico"". We have nonetheless to acknowledge that in 1973, Italian TV was often surprising the audience with innovative shows, likely to host music such as Fabor's compositions - however, listening againt o these 14 short compositions is still an extraordinary experience if we consider their impact and influence on contemporary music and on hip labels of our days like Ghost box. ""Sea Melody"" and ""Mare di ghiaccio"" could have been taken from aquatic/biological-themed releases like ""Ittiologia"" or ""Biologia Marina"", but the whole album quality is impressive. Along with ""Pape Satan"", this is probably the best Fabio Fabor ever. . B01N6T2Z51


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