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PROTECTION WHERE IT COUNTS - Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. These cloth diaper inserts are made from charcoal bamboo which wicks moisture away, keeping your baby dry and comfortable. 5-LAYERS OF ABSORBENCY - Two layers of soft charcoal bamboo fleece surround three ultra- absorbent microfiber layers that trap up to 10 ounces of liquid. DOUBLE ELASTICIZED GUSSETS - Provide a contoured, snug fit that prevents those messy leaks. SAVE MONEY, SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT - These diaper inserts are reusable and fully machine washable, and become softer and more absorbent the more they are washed. Using cloth diapers with inserts is less expensive than disposable diapers, and reduces landfill waste. FITS BABIES OF ALL SIZES - These charcoal bamboo inserts measure 13" long by 5" wide and are designed to fit all one-size pocket or cover diapers. The inserts will last from the newborn stage through toddlerhood. UNSURPASSED QUALITY - Made from breathable Bamboo viscose fiber (71.3% bamboo, 28.7% polyester) and double stitched for improved durability.

Naturally Nature bamboo inserts for cloth diapers - the best moisture protection your baby can get As a parent, you want what's best for your little one. That's why you've chosen to use cloth diapers rather than disposables. Cloth diapering is made easier with these gusseted charcoal bamboo inserts. Whether you choose pocket diapers or cover diapers, these 5-layer inserts will keep your baby dry and comfortable, even at night. The inserts, made from breathable bamboo viscose rayon fiber (71.3% bamboo, 28.7% polyester), wick moisture away from your baby's sensitive skin. Two outer layers of soft charcoal bamboo fleece surround three layers of super absorbent microfiber that can trap up to ten ounces of liquid. Elasticized leg gussets offer a contoured fit that helps prevent annoying leaks. These inserts are fully washable so you can use them over and over again, and the more they're washed, the more absorbent they become! The generously sized inserts measure 13" long x 5" wide and are designed for to fit all one-size diapers, so they can be used from birth until it's time for potty training. Not only will you save money using cloth diapers and inserts, but you'll also help the environment by reducing the amount of disposable diapers that take up space in landfills for up to 500 years! Doesn't your baby deserve the best? Purchase these ultra-absorbent charcoal bamboo diaper inserts with gussets today to keep your baby's skin dry and healthy, and save money over disposable diapers.


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