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- Color:Black
- Media:Personal Computers
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- Dimensiones (pulgadas):7.7 x 0.9 x 1.7
- Aviso de responsabilidad legal:Do you want to connect multiple USB devices to your desktop PC?
Looking for a right way to extend laptop's functionality?
Here is Latorice 3.0 powered USB hub - the modern device that will match all your needs

ultra-fast (up to 5 Gbps) data transmission - USB 3.0 ports of the AC USB hub give you the ability to connect up to 10 USB-A peripherals
3 fast charging ports allow you to keep your devices charged without additional cables
2 USB cables let you adapt the USB powered hub to various devices
wide compatibility - USB hub 3.0 powered and compatible almost with all devices and peripherals
plug-and-play installation - just connect the USB 3 hub to your laptop and it's ready to use
industrial design - USB 3.0 USB hub is made of durable aluminum alloy with ventilation holes; LED lights, slip-resistant elements - for convenient and safe use

• USB ports: 10 USB 3.0 Ports & 3 Smart Charging USB 2.0 ports 5V~2.4A
• Cables: USB Type-B to USB Type-A & USB Type-B to USB Type-C
• Power adapter 5V~3A with cable
• Support operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10; Mac OS; Linux
• Transfer Rate for USB 3.0 ports: up to 5 Gbps (actual speeds may vary)
• Material body: industrial aluminum alloy
• Color: Black
• LEDs: Blue & Red

To prolong the life of hub USB 3.0 powered it's recommended to use only original power adapter

Do you want to have at hand a lot of devices connected to your laptop and at the same time keep all of them well-organized?
So why think twice, go ahead; CLICK [Add to Cart] and get USB powered hub NOW!

MULTIPLE USB CONNECTIONS TO ONE LAPTOP IS A REALITY NOW - with USB hub you'll easily connect and keep organized different types of the devices SMART CHARGING PORTS (up to 2.4A) - 3.0 USB powered hub enables fast charging of up to 3 devices simultaneously even when all ports of the USB HUB are in use FAST DATA TRANSFER - 10 high-speed USB 3.0 ports of the USB hub allow you to connect a bunch of devices and to transfer data at an incredible speed up to 5 Gbps WIDE COMPATIBILITY - 3.0 USB hub powered comes with 2 USB cables that adapting to devices equipped with USB Type C and USB Type A ports; PLUG-AND-PLAY - ease to use STURDY CONSTRUCTION - the aluminum exterior of USB hub gives high protection; ventilation holes - to save USB 3 hub from heating; slip-resistant elements - for your convenience

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